Patient Feedback

Patient Feedback

Every three years, NHS consultants undergo a Multi-Source Feedback survey based upon patient and colleague feedback questionnaires provided by the GMC, collected from a sample of the consultant’s patients and a range of their medical and non-medical colleagues, selected by an administrator. The consultant does not know which patients or colleagues will be asked to participate. The scores are benchmarked. On every survey, Mr Harris’s scores have been in the upper quartile, which is the best possible benchmarked position, in all of every 27 aspects of patient care, probity, and clinical management.

‘This is one of the best MSF I have seen. You should be very proud’
– Mr Harris’s appraiser

Patients are invited to write comments. The following are some of the comments:

Patient Feedback Scores
‘Ifelt that my daughter’s problem was getting solved.’

 ‘Gave lots of good advice and tips’

 ‘Very satisfied with the outcome’

 ‘Very patient with a very impatient child of 5!’

 ‘Dr Harris is always polite and listens to my concerns, excellent.’

 ‘All aspects of treatment brilliant.’

‘Dr Harris was great’

‘Very informative’

‘Excellent polite and nice.’

The doctor made me feel at ease. He explained everything to me and very was professional.’

Of all the doctors we have seen, from the very first meeting, Mr Harris is the one who really engages with and talks directly to my son who has Down’s. Michael loves coming to see Mr Harris.’