Presentations for GPs and other health professionals

Presentations for GPs and other health professionals

Mr Harris is committed to undergraduate and post graduate education. He also provides educational lectures for general practice based on case studies, focusing on common problems in general practice and red flags. He has presented on a range of topics such as Paediatric ENT, Rhinosinusitis, Balance and Dizziness, Referral pathways, ear conditions, voice and throat conditions, hearing loss and tinnitus. Please contact us if you would like to arrange for Mr Harris to present to your group or practice.

The feedback from his presentations is consistently predominantly rated 5/5 and never less than 4/5 for relevance, learning and enjoyment. Below are some of the comments from feedback forms:

“As expected feedback is excellent and probably one of the most popular talks we have done.”

“I feel more confident in ENT – management of problems and referral confidence.”

“Time well spent.”

“Best talk of this year. Questions answered well.”

“Excellent speaker, very relevant to GP practice.”

“Very good primary care focus.”

“Well structured talk.”

“Excellent. very relevant.”

“High quality relevant presentation. Pitched at right level.”

“Really good teaching. Case studies were very useful!”

“Excellent and very informative.”

“Excellent practical advice.”

“Good approach to common things seen in General Practice.”

“Good pictures and tips for management in primary care.”

“Very GP focused.”

“Very good, practical advice linked to to anatomy to aid understanding.”

“Improved management plans for patients with Rhinosinusitis.”

“Simple cases, low complexity but high frequency in care ie very GP appropriate.”

“Discussion re hearing loss, very open atmosphere.”

“Very interesting, lots of pictures. really good, interactive.”

“Interactive session, essential information.”

“Very very useful session.”

“Practical relevant info for GPs.”

“Great presentation.”

“First ENT talk I have heard that would actually help me help my patients.”

“Going through practical cases, was very useful.”

“Variety of cases that would be commonly seen in GP, interactive, engaging presenter.”

“The level of information was very relevant to GP practice, red flag discussion very useful, Mr Harris is an excellent presenter + kept me engaged at all times.”

“Thorough coverage of common conditions, reminder of appropriate treatment / management, very approachable delivery.”