Not-insured / self-payment

Not-insured / self-payment

Just because you don’t have private medical insurance or exclusions are preventing you from using it, you don’t have to put your life on hold. Simply choose to pay for treatment yourself instead. Fast diagnosis and prompt treatment. Medical care on your terms that fits around your life, your job and your family.

Most medical treatments start with a referral to a consultant from your GP. However you can self-refer to see Mr Harris, but please bear in mind that when seeking private medical care you become responsible for settling the fees charged by Mr Harris, the hospital charges and pharmacy costs.

Can I see Mr Harris as a private patient for an initial assessment and transfer to NHS for investigations and treatment?

Getting an NHS appointment can take months from the time of referral from your GP. Private medical investigations and treatments can run in to thousands of pounds. Seeing Mr Harris for a private consultation initially is a great way to be reassured that you get the right diagnosis and treatment. As long as you also have an NHS referral from your GP, investigations and treatment can usually be completed within the NHS.

Consultation fees for self-paying patients

First consultation £290
Follow up consultation £180

Are there any additional costs?

There are some investigations and procedures that Mr Harris may advise you that he would like to perform during the consultation. All cases will be discussed with you in detail, including, if relevant, the option to defer until your NHS appointment, before any decision regarding a procedure or investigation is made. You may also be invoiced by the hospital separately (see hospital charges).

Outpatient procedure fees for self-funded patients:

Cauterisation of nasal septum (to treat nosebleeds) £150
Grommet under local anaesthetic £200

Audiology Services

Mr Harris employs the services of an Audiologist. Self-pay rates are as follows:

Pure Tone Audiogram (hearing test) £90
Tympanogram (to assess the middle ear) £30
Custom-made swim plugs £100

How do I pay?

You will be sent an invoice from Mr Harris to be payed within 30 days by BACS or cheque. The hospital may send a separate bill if a procedure has been performed.

Can I spread the cost?

You’ll receive prompt treatment and we can be flexible on the payments. Contact us to discuss methods of spreading the cost.

Hospital Charges

The Hospital charge for the use of equipment used in procedures. This applies to Insured and self-funded patients. This fee is totally separate and additional to Mr Harris’s charges. For more information about the Hospital charges please speak to a member of the Hospital Outpatient Team.

Examples of hospital charges (set by BMI Shirley Oaks):

Endoscopic examination of nose or throat £120
Microsuction (to clean the ears) £79.50
Hearing tests £10

Examples of hospital charges (set by Nuffield Parkside Hospital):

Endoscopic examination of nose or throat £300
Microsuction (to clean the ears) £93

Other Services

Please note the services listed below may not be covered by your Insurer. In all circumstances, invoices for the following services will be sent directly to the patient.

  • Repeat prescription – £30
  • Medical Report – from £110
  • Telephone and email advice is likely to be charged when a significant amount of advice, treatment and organisation is involved.