Colleague Feedback

Colleague Feedback

Every three years, NHS consultants undergo a Multi-Source Feedback survey based upon patient and colleague feedback questionnaires provided by the GMC, collected from a sample of the consultant’s patients and a range of their medical and non-medical colleagues, selected by an administrator. The consultant does not know which patients or colleagues will be asked to participate. The scores are benchmarked. On every survey, Mr Harris’s scores have been in the upper quartile, which is the best possible benchmarked position, in all of every 27 aspects of patient care, probity, and clinical management.

Colleague Feed Back Scores‘This is one of the best MSF I have seen. You should be very proud’
– Mr Harris’s appraiser

The following are some of the comments from colleagues:

‘Rob Harris is the epitome of a good Consultant. Highly skilled as a Surgeon and Clinician, he also possesses excellent communication skills and his patients find him approachable, informative and friendly. He is also extremely supportive to colleagues and staff, and has an excellent up-to-date knowledge of, and interest in, the work of his colleagues at all levels.’

‘I have observed Mr Harris manage a number of life threatening emergencies. He has remained calm and dealt with each situation quickly and effectively. Overall I consider him a role model for trainee surgeons.’

‘Excellent communication skills with our children and their parents and also within the MDT. Mr Harris will answer any questions asked and explain anything we don’t understand. All in all Mr Harris is a fantastic Dr and excellent colleague, very sound clinician and caring doctor.’

‘Mr Harris is an excellent trainer. He supervises trainees appropriately, is approachable and allows trainees to operate to their ability. He also has an excellent ability to work under pressure.’

‘Dr R Harris is an outstanding clinician and surgeon, with exceptional personal qualities.’

‘Approachable and helpful’

‘Robert is an excellent and skilled colleague. He has an excellent patient manner and is supportive to all staff. Outstanding colleague!’

He has very high standards of integrity and professional practice and I have always found his dealings with staff and patients to be professional, courteous and kind.’

‘Mr Harris is conscientious, diligent and patient centred. He displays compassion and integrity and represents a very high standard of clinical care’